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New to wearing an Apple Watch? Here are some of the best features and tricks that’ll get your Apple Watch working for you.
Not every Apple Watch is the same — the Series 6 is the current best and most feature-packed Apple Watch there is, more-so than the SE and the Series 3 (and previous models that Apple no longer sells) — but no matter which Apple Watch you have, they all have a lot in common. They have the same basic design and run the same operating system (watchOS). So if you’re new to wearing an Apple Watch, or a season vet looking for some quick tips, we’ve got you covered.
When you first set up your Apple Watch, the default layout for its Home screen is a honeycomb of apps. Apple calls it the Grid View and it looks pretty, but it can be very frustrating to use — especially for new users who don’t know what each app looks like and does.
This is why we suggest switching the layout to List View, which gets rid of the honeycomb and replaces it with a list of apps (in alphabetical order) that are scrollable and easy find. You’ll thank us later. Here’s how:
Sometimes third-party apps that you download on your iPhone also appear on your Apple Watch. These are apps like Bank of America (or whatever your bank app is), Nike Training and Google Maps, which you might never intend to open on your Apple Watch. Fortunately you can declutter them for your app list quite easily.
If you’re new to wearing a smartwatch, it could be quite jarring how many push notifications your Apple Watch actually receives — most people don’t like their wrist vibrating that much. This is why you want to manage which push notifications you get on your Apple Watch, just like on your iPhone, so that you only get notifications from apps you want to get notifications from.
It’s not uncommon for people to adjust the time of their watch — or any clock that they use — so that it runs fast. That way, they’re always early or ahead of schedule. By default, your Apple Watch pulls the time from your iPhone (or the internet), but you can manually set it so that it runs fast.
You’re able to set your clock so that it runs up 59 minutes fast. It’s important to note that this will not change the clock on your iPhone. It also won’t factor in when you set alarms — those times will continue to be set for the «real» time.
You can easily turn you Apple Watch into a digital alarm clock by putting into Nightstand mode, which displays the date and time while charging at night. The catch is that your Apple Watch needs to be charging for Nightstand Mode to work properly.
With Nightstand Mode turned on, every time you connect the Apple Watch to power it will display the date and time. If you’ve set an alarm, it will also display your alarm.
For years, Apple Music was the only service that allowed you to download music on your Apple Watch for offline listening. That’s recently changed, thankfully, and today you can do the same if you’re a paying subscriber to Spotify too.
If you subscribe to Apple Music:
If you subscribe to Spotify:


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