The AK117 is a very powerful weapon in the world of CoD: Mobile, but you need to use the best loadout for this weapon to maximize its potential.
The AK117 has emerged as a dominating weapon in CoD: Mobile Season 6, and using the best loadout for this Assault Rifle will have you taking down enemies much easier.

The world of CoD: Mobile has a treasure trove of various weapons that players can use to fight their enemies within the popular Call of Duty game.
One weapon that has become a powerful gun for players to use is the AK117, as Season 6 has helped propel this Assault Rifle into the spotlight.
Here is how to make the best CoD: Mobile AK117 loadout to maximize its potential and eliminate all of your future opponents.
We will start the best CoD: Mobile AK117 loadout with the Monolithic Suppressor muzzle attachment, giving you sound suppression, keeping you from showing up on enemy mini-maps and improving your damage range.
The OWC Marksmen got a beneficial buff in Season 6 that improved its vertical and horizontal recoil control, while it also helps improve your damage range.
Having enough ammo can be the difference between winning and losing a fight, so using the 48 Round Extended Mag will make sure you have plenty of bullets when you need them.
The Ranger Foregrip will help improve your accuracy by giving you more recoil control, while the OWC Laser will give you better aim down sight speed to beat your enemies to hit accurate shots.
Having the Lightweight perk will give you a huge boost in your sprint speed, allowing you to move faster around the map.
The Quick Fix perk will regenerate your health immediately after you get a kill which can help you stay in the fight longer without worrying about getting to cover.
Getting hit with Tactical items like stun and flash grenades can be very frustrating, so having the Tactical Mask perk equipped will allow you to reduce the effectiveness of these items greatly.
Luckily, players who would like to use the best CoD: Mobile AK117 loadout do not have much work to unlock the Assault Rifle.
All you need to do is reach level 8, and it will become available for you to use in your classes and take down your enemies.
If you are not feeling the best CoD: Mobile AK117 loadout, there are plenty of other powerful weapons that the Call of Duty game has to offer.
The MX9, AS VAL, and PP19 Bizon are excellent choices that will help you find a great deal of success in Season 6.
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Here’s everything you need to know about CoD: Mobile Season 6’s Aether Hunt event, including the end date, challenges, and rewards.
Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 is celebrating the return of Zombies with the CoD: Mobile Aether Hunt event, so here’s everything you need to know about it, including the start and end date, challenges, and exclusive rewards.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6, The Heat, is now in full swing. We’ve received the MX9 SMG, as well as the return of BO2’s ever-popular Slums map. But the most exciting aspect was the return of CoD Zombies, with the Undead Siege mode.
This mode is now hosting its own event, with Aether Hunt giving players various challenges and exciting rewards to earn.
Here’s everything you need to know about CoD: Mobile Season 6’s Aether Hunt event.
CoD Mobile Season 6’s Aether Hunt event is now live in-game, allowing players to earn a variety of unique Zombies-themed cosmetics.
The event will run until Thursday, August 19, so have until then to complete all of the challenges and earn the cosmetics.
Completing daily and Aether Hunt event challenges will award you with Common and Irradiated Ore. Once you’re awarded Ore for completing the challenge, you can then extract Aether from it. The more Aether you have, the more rewards you’ll earn.
New challenges will rotate each day, giving you plenty of opportunities to earn Ore and extract Aether.
Here are some challenges you should expect in the Aether Hunt event:
For completing the Aether Hunt event challenges, you can earn a variety of exclusive Zombies-themed cosmetic items. You can earn weapon skins, charms, stickers, and even Operator skins ranging from Uncommon to Epic rarity.
The standout item is the final reward: Richtofen – Turned. This Operator skin zombifies the classic Zombies character, but you’ll need to extract 21,000 Aether to earn it.
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Call of Duty: Mobile’s biggest event is just around the corner, and here’s how you can catch all the action and rewards from the Regional Playoffs.
The biggest worldwide Call of Duty: Mobile event is just around the corner, with the 2021 World Championship entering the Stage 4 Regional Playoffs. Here’s how you can catch all the action.

The biggest CoD: Mobile event ever is officially on its way, with teams battling to earn their spot in the World Championship 2021 Finals and their share of the huge $2 million prize pool.
Players across the world competed in-app solo, and then as part of a team, with the top squads from each region facing off head-to-head in the Regional Qualifiers. Now, only Playoffs stand in the way of a shot at glory, and we’ve got everything you need to make sure you miss none of the action.
Players will be able to catch all the action from the 2021 Regional Playoffs on both YouTube and Twitch, where the game’s official accounts will be broadcasting the competition in its entirety.
Streams begin on August 21 with the South Asia & Middle East region and run through until September 19. You can view the full dates below.
There’s even better news for anyone who wants to tune in and watch the Regional Playoffs, as there are free in-game rewards for players to enjoy.
To be eligible, simply look out for the Play button at the top of your CoD: Mobile home screen on both iOS and Android during live broadcasts, tap to tune in, and earn reward drops with weapon skins and icons up for grabs.
Each Regional Playoff will follow a Double Elimination bracket structure, with teams who win their match advancing into the next round of the Winner’s Bracket.
Teams who lose a match will drop into the Loser’s Bracket, where a second defeat will see them eliminated from the tournament. The overall winner of each Regional Playoff will advance to the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship Finals.
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Call of Duty: Mobile is cross-platform, with players on both iOS and Android devices able to team up and play with each other.
Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in the world, but can you play with your friends no matter which cellphone they have? The good news is yes, and we’ve got all the details.

Since the game’s release on October 1, 2019, CoD: Mobile has quickly become the go-to title for players looking for a taste of classic Call of Duty action on the go.
Now in its sixth season of 2021, titled “The Heat,” players can enjoy classic multiplayer experiences, a custom battle royale mode built specifically for the game, and even Zombies modes like Undead Siege.
Despite being out for almost two years, some players are still confused about whether CoD: Mobile has cross-platform play enabled. Thankfully, we’ve got all the answers you need.
No matter which phone you have, you will always be able to jump on with your friends, as Call of Duty: Mobile does feature cross-platform play. That means iOS and Android players can team up and take down enemies together, even though their devices aren’t running the same operating system.
Players who use emulators on PC are not be lumped in with mobile players though, as that would give them a distinct advantage. Instead, these players compete against each other, while parties of both mobile and emulator players team up against other squads in similar positions.
CoD: Mobile players cannot be lumped in with console players at all, as systems like the PS5 or Xbox Series X cannot run any version of the game.
The most important thing to remember when you’re playing with your friends on other platforms is that you need to get their username absolutely perfect when you add them, otherwise they won’t appear. This includes capitalization, which usually wouldn’t matter in other games.
Now that you know the game is cross-platform, make the most of your skills by learning how to play CoD: Mobile with a controller., and how to get your hands on the game’s best Mythic weapons.
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