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REGINA — Digital currency now has a physical presence in Regina with a new QuickBit Crypto Boutique Store open for business.
“A lot of people have heard of bitcoin and cryptocurrency,” said Dale Mychasiw, the owner and operator of QuickBit Vending Systems Inc. “They know what the prices are, but they don’t know how things really works. So I thought Regina was ready for a business like this.”
The boutique will act as a place for those interested in learning the ins and outs of cryptocurrency.
“We wanted to set up a space where newcomers could come in,” said Leander McLean, the marketing and sales manger at QuickBit. “Having someone to talk to physically because a lot of crypto is on the internet and so they can come in and get some education and help sort through a lot of the mystery.”
McLean said different courses may be offered related to taxes, as well as how to properly store bitcoin, keep it safe, and many more cryptocurrency lessons.
Even as cryptocurrency becomes more and more popular, it can still be confusing for newcomers, as to what exactly bitcoin is.
“The easiest way to put bitcoin is digital gold,” said McLean. “It’s a hard and flexible asset essentially. It’s the money of the internet”
Mychasiw said there are many types of cryptocurrency, but most of them were born from the idea of bitcoin.
“Bitcoin is basically digital information that has value,” said Mychasiw. “It’s digital information that can not be copied. Bitcoin especially is a decentralized, democratic, global monetary network.”
The boutique is also home to one of six BTMs (also known as crypto ATMs) QuickBit has around Regina.
Those looking to get into owning different digital currencies will need a digital wallet to start off.
“A wallet is essentially a key to the ledgers saying you have access to it,” said McLean. “So your wallet address is going to say this is where this bit of information is stored and how to get to it.”
While there are many different crypto currencies, McLean recommends newcomers start with bitcoin or ethereum as their first step into the crypto space, as millions of people around the world already are using both.
The store located at 424 Victoria Ave E in Regina, will also have merchandise and books people can purchase to further immerse themselves in the digital currency culture. 
The QuickBit Crypto Boutique located at 424 Victoria Ave E is now open for anyone wishing to learn more about cryptocurrency, or for long time members of the digital currency culture looking for a place to come together. (Andrew Benson/CTV News)
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