MADISON (WKOW) — Former Altoona schools superintendent Daniel Peggs plead guilty to one count of possession of child pornography Friday.
Judge James Peterson conditionally agreeing to a plea deal.
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According to a report from our Eau Claire affiliate WQOW, Peggs’ attorney Joseph Bugni said the judge won’t officially sign off on the plea deal until Peggs’ sentencing hearing. Peggs had previously been accused of soliciting a minor to engage in a sex act, but those charges are no longer involved.
By Peggs’ account, he thought the girl he talked to was 19 when their relationship started, and he cut off contact with her when he learned she was 17. However, he did admit to keeping an explicit photo of her on his phone even after learning her true age.
However, the young woman who was talking to Peggs said he was well aware she was underage, even saying he took her to a casino and said if she stayed quiet she could get in, despite her saying she didn’t think she could due to her age.
The heat and humidity continue to sit over southern Wisconsin. However, storms are on the horizon and some may be severe Saturday…

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