Published: 9/Aug/2021 14:51
CoD: Mobile Zombies players are deep into waves of an undead assault. Here’s how to find all five perks in CoD: Mobile Zombies Undead Siege.
Between the launch of Undead Siege and the Aether Hunt event, there isn’t a better time than now to be a Zombies fan. There is a wealth of rewards, challenges, and more to be completed in these limited-time events.
From a zombified Tank Dempsey to otherworldly weapons to slay the evil away with, there is something for everyone to be earned on the Battle Pass. Skins and powerful weapons of mass destruction aside, every Zombies player knows they need something extra to make it out alive.
It wouldn’t be a proper Zombies experience if the ever-reliable Perks didn’t join the fray. 
Spawning into the new mode can seem a little overwhelming at first. With so much ground to cover, the developers have made sure Undead Siege is a worthy challenge for any seasoned Zombies player. By design, Perks have been relegated to the regions far and wide across the map. As the undead grow more powerful and the nights become more cursed, you’ll need to acquire any and all Perks if you want to experience those high reward sessions. 
Before we get into the whereabouts of these must-have Perks, it’s important to note that Juggernog and Double Tap are not part of the map in a traditional sense. Instead, these Perks are in the upgrades area of your Talent skills. Inside of this hub on the Zombies pre-game menu, you’ll be able to buff certain skill sets with the added bonus of Juggernog and Double Tap-like boosts. 
Unlike CoD: Mobile’s console counterpart, Perks don’t spawn in the same fashion as they would on maps like Kino Der Toten or Die Maschine. Instead, the location of specific Perks is randomized for each game. However, whilst the Perks themselves might move around, the actual spots in which they appear is always consistent. In Undead Siege, you’ll be able to acquire Quick Revive, Deadshot Daiquiri, Speed Cola, Stamin-Up, and Electric Cherry.
Here is where you can find any of the five Perks in-game:
It’s been noted by eagle-eyed players that Quick Revive seems to always spawn at the Farm, however, there hasn’t been an official confirmation. 
The Undead Siege and Aether Hunt events don’t have a conclusive endgame in place, so players are free to reap the rewards for weeks to come. Just make sure you’re tooled up for survival.
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