LinkedIn is rolling out a new Microsoft-powered native video meetings tool, seamlessly accessible within chat conversations.
Last week, LinkedIn started to roll out a new native video call feature allowing users to make video calls without needing to download a third-party video app.
The Microsoft-powered video conferencing tool is now part of the messaging experience on LinkedIn, allowing members to schedule free video calls with other users on their network, right within the app itself.
Users can find the “Create Video Meeting” option within their LinkedIn chat window. The availability of the new, native option does not exclude or prevent the use of other video providers.

Native video chats on LinkedIn also include easy access to an integrated calendar, where scheduling meetings will automatically send an email with an ICS to the people involved. Whilst on a video call, users can also access and use their chats as usual, as well as share screens and use virtual backgrounds.
Furthermore, the new feature also includes specific user information drawn from their LinkedIn profiles available at the bottom of the video screen.

Lastly, LinkedIn is even issuing new prompts in the chat, when users type texts such as “ready for our video meeting?”
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Using terms such as these will trigger a related Call-To-Action such as a “Create Video Chat” button, which will be added to the message thread, enabling users in the chat to seemingly start a video call without ever leaving the chat.
Currently, LinkedIn’s video chats support only one-on-one videos, but the platform is looking to add group meetings too in the near future.

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