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Microsoft unveiled an updated design for the Xbox operating system last year, alongside the release of the Xbox Series S and Series X consoles. The improvements didn’t stop there, though — updates have continued to roll out over the past few months with even more features. There’s now another helpful feature in the works for all Xbox consoles, which has arrived in the Alpha Skip-Ahead development channel for Xbox Insiders.
Microsoft is working on a customizable night mode for Xbox consoles, according to The Verge. It includes options for dimming the external display, automatically enabling dark mode (if it isn’t already on), blocking HDR, and reducing the brightness of the controller and console lights. You can also set the Xbox to switch to night mode automatically based on a schedule, similar to the dark themes on Android, iOS, and other operating systems.

It’s not clear at this point when the feature will roll out. It should be available for both the Xbox One family and Xbox Series X/S, so you won’t need one of Microsoft’s shiny new consoles to use it.
Microsoft has been rolling out other Xbox features and services over the past few months. Xbox Cloud Gaming finally arrived on Windows yesterday, allowing people to stream games from the cloud to their Windows PCs without running the Android app in an emulator. Microsoft also recently rolled out customizable spending limits for child accounts, and the company is apparently working on official Android TV support for Xbox Game Pass.

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