Xbox and Special Olympics join forces to host Gaming for Inclusion, an event that will feature Rocket League, Forza Motorsport 7, and more.
Up until now, Microsoft certainly has not been absent from the esports space. Several of the Xbox’s biggest first-party titles, including Halo, Gears of War, and Forza, host significant esports tournaments and live streams on an almost regular basis. Now, the technology giant wants to get more fans of competitive video games involved, so it has made a legendary collaboration in the hopes of achieving that very goal.
Taking things a step further, Xbox and the Special Olympics join forces to host Gaming for Inclusion. The groundbreaking event will feature a whole slew of competitive titles such as Rocket LeagueForza Motorsport 7, and more.
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Orchestrated by Microsoft, the Special Olympics athletes and Unified partners will compete in the Gaming for Inclusion Esports Tournament, where gamers play for the chance to play alongside celebrity supporters, including NBA superstar Jayson Tatum, NFL legend Jamaal Charles, and WWE celebrities. Following the first event, Special Olympics Programs will be trained on how to organize local tournaments, allowing for year-round eSports gaming practices, contests, and preparations for the 2022 Gaming for Inclusion event.
🎮 Breaking news! 🎮 Special Olympics has teamed up with our incredible partner @Microsoft to launch #GamingForInclusion – a unique way for our athletes to connect globally through gaming. Our inaugural event starts Sep 12. More here: #ChooseToInclude
“We’re ecstatic to build upon Microsoft’s partnership with Special Olympics, which first began in 2014, to further focus on gaming and host Gaming for Inclusion,” stated Jenn Panattoni, head of Xbox social impact. “At Xbox, our goal is to make gaming inclusive and welcoming to all players so that everyone can experience the joys of gaming. This tournament is a meaningful and important step in making esports more accessible and it empowers Special Olympics athletes with a new way to compete.”
The initial virtual multi-game event will aim to engage and connect people of all abilities from around the world, with the competitions to be held in a bracket-style tournament where only a few winners will be crowned for each of the competitive titles. The games selected by the organizers being the arcade-style soccer game Rocket League, the hyper-realistic Forza Motorsport 7, and the American football Madden NFL 22.
On the following days, the highly acclaimed competitive Xbox games will be played throughout September by, a Microsoft-owned platform established to help organizers create and coordinate gaming matches. Those who are interested in watching the innovative event can do so via the Xbox Twitch channel or the Special Olympics YouTube channel.
Overall, the eSports scene has exploded in popularity over the years, becoming a massive part of gaming as a whole. From amazing esports plays to close finishes, it has given fans plenty to cheer about.
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