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Microsoft has started testing a new 4K dashboard for Xbox Series X consoles that should help make Home, Guide, and other areas of the Xbox OS look better than ever on 4K displays. The sharper dashboard is currently being tested with Xbox Insiders on the Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha rings, and it should become generally available later this fall.
Strarting later today, we are testing a higher resolution UI on Xbox Series X when connected to a 4K display. Looking forward to feedback from the community. https://t.co/iyYnIcxG7g
— Jason Ronald (@jronald) August 16, 2021

Despite having much more power than the Xbox One X, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X shipped with the same 1080p dashboard as its predecessor, and the blurriness of the UI on 4K displays has remained quite distracting for some gamers. With Microsoft putting so much emphasis on having the most powerful console on the market, the lack of a proper 4K update for the Xbox OS also surprised many, especially since Sony’s less powerful PlayStation 5 console did ship with a 4K dashboard.
Well, it’s good to see that the Xbox Series X dashboard will finally look much better on 4K displays, but Microsoft also has other updates in the pipeline for the Xbox OS. Earlier this month, the Xbox team also started testing a new Night Mode that lets Xbox Insiders dim and filter their screen, as well as dim their console & controller LED brightness.
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