Microsoft announces a new initiative, «Microsoft for Space Startups Australia,» specifically created to help rising agencies explore and study outer space. 
«We’re seeing important and cutting-edge innovation in Australian space startups and we want to enable, support, and accelerate their journey,» said the giant tech firm in its press release.
Aside from space-focused firms, the new Microsoft initiative also wants to help cloud-powered innovations of various enterprises. However, the giant tech developer explained that the new program’s main goal would be the Australian space sector.

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The company added that they want to support the cutting-edge technologies in this area to solve their problems. These include climate change, bush fire incidents, and other natural disasters.
According to Space Daily‘s latest report, the new Microsoft for Space Startups Australia will bring new products and partnerships, which could offer better space connectivity and data services to their customers in the private and public sectors.
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On the other hand, the official Microsoft blog post also provided the benefits that eligible space agencies could have when they join the new initiative of the tech firm:
In other news, various space agencies are also making their own technological advancements. These include NASA’s 3D Printing Simulation, as well as the arrival of the new SpaceX Inspiration4 rocket.
Microsoft provided the requirements that interested space startups must have before they apply to the new Microsoft for Space Startups Australia. These include the following; 
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