Last month, hands-on photos leaked of a new Surface Duo, presumed to be the Surface Duo 2. Now, Windows United and Jonas Daehnert have collaborated to deliver high-quality renders in an attempt to provide a better look at the next-generation flagship.
We should stress that these leaked photos did not show the Surface Duo 2’s display. Hence, the display shown in these renders follows the one that Microsoft included in the original Surface Duo. We would be surprised if Microsoft retained these thick bezels for its second-generation model, though.
On the face of it, the outside of the Surface Duo 2 looks a lot like the current model. However, the adoption of rear-facing cameras presents a problem. Each side of the Surface Duo is only 5 mm thick, possibly too thin for conventional smartphone camera sensors.
It seems that Microsoft has got around this limitation by using a thick camera housing, a common element among modern smartphones. Unfortunately, its presence makes it impossible to fold the Surface Duo 2 with both screens facing outwards, one of the Surface Duo’s party tricks. Thankfully, it appears as though Microsoft has given the housing a bevelled and angled edge, potentially allowing the device to lie flat when unfolded and folded. Hopefully, this makes the Surface Duo 2 relatively ergonomic, too.
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Windows United & Jonas Daehnert
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