Whether or not lockdowns ever return, the cold weather definitely will — and with it, the desire to not leave the house and go buy the ingredients, make the meal and do the pots and pans.
Isn’t it better, smarter and faster to turn to PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Mobile Order-Ahead Apps, see who’s on a streak lately and then order something for delivery?
That was a rhetorical question. Of course, we think it’s a good idea to read the rankings. But why take our word for it? Let the apps speak for themselves with metrics and millions of meals.
The Top Five
From the top left of the menu, there’s still a tie for No. 1, but the players have changed. Still at No. 1 is the Domino’s app, only now it’s got company from Starbucks, which rises two spots for a tie.
Sipping coffee calmy again this month at No. 2 is the Dunkin’ app.
Also staying put is Taco Bell, which takes No. 3 for another ranking cycle.
The Panera app rises like baking bread one spot to become the new No. 4.
Like last month, a tie takes us out of the top five. The Chick-fil-A app was already at No. 5, and winging its way up one chart position to share the view from No. 5 is the Wingstop app.
We’re only halfway done. Maybe you’d like to order something?
The Top 10
The tie at No. 6 last month is … unchanged. How about that? The Chipotle app and the Pizza Hut app are commingling here for another cycle. We’re thinking “pizza burrito bowl.” Anybody?
No tied score for Burger King this month. The app has No. 7 all to itself.
Same goes for McDonald’s, sticking it out at No. 8, just like last month.
Then, because people have such a hard time deciding what they want for dinner, another tied score.
The dead-heat at No. 9 finds popular Papa John’s Pizza dropping two spots from the last cycle, to be greeted at No. 9 by the super Sonic app, which remains stationary for the time being.
Wrapping it up, just as last month, is the Sheetz mobile ordering app, taking No. 10 yet again after making its debut in the rankings quite recently. Do we smell a success story cooking?
Guess you’ll have to watch the Provider Ranking of Mobile Order-Ahead Apps and find out.

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