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Booking photo of Kevin Dikes
Yesterday, Kevin Dikes, the owner of the popular Egghead restaurant in Arcata, was arrested by the Arcata Police for lewd acts with a child under 14 and kidnapping.
Because of the age of the victim, APD cannot reveal many details of the incident but APD Investigations Commander Lt. Todd Dokweiler clarified that kidnapping doesn’t have to entail long distances or violent force.
“If you just move someone from one house to the next, that’s kidnapping,” he explained. “It can be a pretty minor movement of somebody that is involuntary.”
Dokweiler told us that the involved child disclosed the incident to an adult known to them.
He suggested that this might be a good time to talk to your own child. He urged, “If someone knows that the suspect was with another child they know or their own child, it is a great time to have that conversation and do what they can do to make sure that their child is not a victim as well.”
He stated, “We don’t have an immediate indication of additional victims, but as often is the case, [when information about an abuse case comes out] we are often contacted by people who know of additional victims or are victims themselves.”
If anyone has additional information, please contact the APD at (707) 822-2428.
Please remember that the information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
Predatory POS
I hope he gets every single thing he deserves every single day of the rest of his life ⚡🎯
This child is a hero for having the strength to come forward and alert the community to prevent other children from having to endure more pain and suffering. Hope law enforcement is able to put him away for a long time and any other victims feel safe enough to come forward now.
I agree ! This poor child is a hero and I hope that they can recover from this monsters actions. Unfortunately, the judges and prosecutors in our area seem to be soft on sicko like this piece of shit.
It is my understanding that a local judge raised his bail from 100,000 to 1 million
Very well said 🙏
You forgot “if he’s guilty”
Give em’ the chair!
What happened to the presumption of innocence?
I would love to hear the logic behind the statement, “Fucking misogynistic attitudes are the downfall of many of these sickos.”
People that prey on children see theirselves as the superior. Especially when it’s a male it’s that male power position. I am male, I am strong, I’m superior, I have more than you, let me control you no issue. There you go.
Yes we have a long-standing problem with that for sure. But I have seen women in power positions acting very badly also. The western world’s patriarchy has some sickness but I’m not sure a matriarchy would be better. Humans- both male and female and of all colors and races have some twisted mental issues that we need to look out for and discourage whenever we can. Children need to be protected from all of the sickos- many of whom are mental predators of religious ilk! The youngsters will learn the rough part of human sickness later…let them have a happy childhood whenever possible
Men far outnumber women as mass shooters, murderers, fascists, and otherwise “bad” people. It is a false equivalence argument to suggest women and men are both “bad.”
I am a man and believe we would have fewer wars, less poverty, and more equality if women were in charge.
Women are smart enough to not get caught, and most people feel the same way you do and don’t even consider a woman suspect.
It sounds like there’s some underlying bitterness towards women in your comment. I’m sorry she hurt you.
because Queen Victoria was such a peace loving soul…
It’s true. Even my sweet 12 year old boy (with autism) asked me, “mom, why is it always men that do bad things?” This sicko will get some sort of justice.
I hope you explained that he was wrong?
Open your eyes (and mind).
Dano be right!
Always is a huge word, like forever.
Everyone wants justice, usually self-defined, but what you will find in a courtroom is the law, not necessarily justice.
You’re dreaming. You live in a fantasy where people like Hitler can be negotiated with. Men are good. And bad. As are women. I would rather live where we support and encourage the best in each other than discount half of the population. What you suggest is tragically sexist. Tragic as in having terrible consequences…Sexist as in well, that’s what you are
I thought you were of testosterone persuasion.
misogyny is hatred of women. that is not what is going on here. you describe narcissism or the thinking of a psychopath. both probably true. your post has a touch of misandry about it.
“Hell hath no fury like a wo-man scorned.”
-Lady Macbeth

To be completely edited…hmmm. Not eggxactly a good egg situation to thrown be in the frying pan for. Leggo my eggoooo. Ego. If he is innocent may he walk away honestly. If guilty he will be an eggsample. It reminds me of the Carpathian guy from the courthouse situation. Or the Bear River tragedy. Being publicly eggsposed often takes a lot of temerity from the victims to finally speak. May TRUTH prevail if justice has anything left.
So a kid gets molested and you choose to throw around puns? Classy as fuck.
Related to ben Affleck by chance?
Arcata has deteriorated into a cross between Mckinleyville and Eureka but few of the offenders are originally from there.
Arcata has always been home to the educated scum of the earth.
Ew; hope I didn’t actually bring this guy food yesterday. Yuck! Throw the book at child molesters and other such offenders.
What an egghead.
Where is the egghead restaurant? Is that the one doing the food at north town coffee now?
Oh boy- I am reading they have the same address so maybe that is what’s up. I dig Northtown Coffee- great space and great porch. It was real cool when that sarcastic and quick-witted woman from the east coast owned it (pre-Covid). But does this mean Northtown Coffee just won’t have food until they find a new food person? Are they partners w/ him and now the whole thing goes down the tubes? I won’t ever support a child molester but I would feel bad for the unrelated business partners who get destroyed by this…But hey- maybe people don’t care. They kept eating at Surfside Burgers in Eureka even after that guy got busted messing w/ underage girls.
Surf side burger shack had sold and was under new management when that all went down, the new owners were decent people.
the Surf Side Burger place in Eureka has new owners for years now. Spread the good word. I can’t help but mention the irony of your concern for innocent, possible, business partners, in this current situation, yet in the next sentence mention past owners of a current business without hesitation. Are you really concerned for innocent entrepreneurs in the area, or just bored and had to chime in with such current and awesome input?
That was not apparent. They kept the same name so I’d question their judgement. Many people including myself have refused to go there since that time. Oops- guess we were wrong! But I guess the new owners who kept the name are the ones who lost our business. I’d still find it hard to go back so call me whatever…I’m not the one wearing the stain of a child molester.
Your ignorance does not surprise me
Surfside burger guy sold his business before he was arrested. You should edit your post
There’s another local restaurant that’s popular in ferndale and is a huge contributor to the food at the fair this year that’s co-owned by a registered sex offender. I stopped visiting them as soon as I learned.
As Mr. Bear said, the guy from Surfside sold the business to another couple right before he got busted, and they were left holding the bag – I’m actually surprised they haven’t changed the name. They should have sued him for tarnishing their reputation just as they took over. But that’s why people continued to eat there – it had been sold.
A few people decided to boycott the Sizzler and Subways in Eureka after the owner bailed out her pedophile son. Coincidentally she died maybe a year ago and the restaurants were sold.
You are seriously worried about the business that has been destroyed!!!! What about the families and childhoods that have been destroyed !!!
Farce, this comment doesn’t actually state the current owners of Surfside are the ones involved. But just to clarify for people who might be confused, the former owner is the one you are referring to.
How can we fix this? There’s only two ways. Castration or the death penalty. Why feed him for the rest of his life in prison
unfortunately they have tried chemical castration and it doesn’t work for these sickos. they still go on to reoffend. the problem is in their heads and not their groins
Can’t do death penalty. Even though CA voters voted to reinstate it our Governor French Laundry Newsom decided we weren’t allowed that decision. It was his decision to make for us…note: I am NOT a Republican or Trump supporter at all and yet I collected signatures to recall Greasy Gavin. He’s sleazy and entitled and not what DEMs should be holding up as a standard, morally or practically.
If you vote him out because you dont like him you are just gonna put an insane and possibly pedophile man in the seat of govener. Please do your homework on the recall. I can send you media to back this! Don’t make California a Red State!!
Farce: Please don’t replace Newsom with MAGA! Recalling him will bring in MAGA! If anything happens to Senator Feinstein the Governor will choose the new senator. Which will give Republicans the majority if this recall goes through! Vote no recall! If your not a Republican you sure are helping them by supporting the recall. 🤬
Why would you ever vote for a democrat after they have ruined this state and this country.
Why would you ever subscribe to a political party that decides your beliefs for you instead of drawing your own conclusions on each unique situation that is presented? Out here fighting over colors like gang members, such silliness.
Sure- now call me a Trumpler and a racist for exercising my right to vote how I see fit. That’s what Newsom does and that was exactly the last straw for me. He’s worse than any REP who would replace him for the 1 year until next election. Newsom needs a lesson as do most DEMs. We do not reward sleazy privileged silver-spoon elitists who manipulate and shame us for disagreeing. How’s about the good DEMs- and there are many- clean up our party and stop defending and promoting crooks like him and Hilary?! How about that? That would be an honorable way to victory…
Do what you gotta do Farce, the hatred between parties is a joke, they are all the same.
And both parties are destroying this amazing country.
Fully agreed. And anybody whipping up the division and the hatred is suspect. I just had more hope for the DEMs…oh well. They are proving to be just as self-righteous and blind also…
Voting for parties and not individuals is why this country is so messed up. It’s not a football team… Vote for the person you think will do the best job, not just because they’re affiliated with a party..
This scenario you describe is verbatim what just happened with our presidential election last year…..
I think that will happen anyway…
Hopefully he was a “behind the scenes” owner. I wouldn’t want to buy food from a restaurant if the owner looked like he couldn’t be bothered to be a little cleaner and more presentable. Good god.
You know there is high key human trafficking happening in this county. Between the amount of lonely people and drug addicts it’s insane the community and the police are not more on it. Stop smoking weed or turning the cheek because these are small communities and I low key blame the infulstructure and the community for not having there eyes wide open. Dont even get me started on the amount of hate crimes I deal with on a day today basis. Don’t we wanna feel safe here??!!
Please, indulge us on the various hate crimes you are victim of….
Also, dont be dumb and vote in a red state republican govener because you haven’t done your home work. Vote no on the recall, because the other options are much much worse then what we have right now. Just look up the possible candidates and tell me any of those insane clowns are Worthy of governing California?? I’m Soo up for the debate.
The recall should be received as a message to people in charge but Gavin refuses to acknowledge this.
Vote for Angelyne for governor.
I’m voting yes, bet on that.
Not going to endorse that slimey shyster for anything more than a dog catcher.
Are you anti trans? You sound anti trans? Are you saying a woman Olympic hero wouldn’t be a good governor? Your hate speech against the lgbtq community is disgusting.
Hey- if you vote for Larry Elder then YOU are a racist- you voted Republican and so you must be a racist!!!! BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!! Oh wait- he’s a black guy?! Raised in South Central?!! Umm…oops….ummm…wait a minute I’ll be back with more slogans soon….(as soon as they tell me what I hate again)
Sorry but the death penalty is an empty revenge. Take an example from our family. Why should a murderer be granted a quick easy way out of this tough life, while his victim’s parents suffer the pain, and indignity, of the slow ravages of old age? Personally, I’d rather be dead than in jail for life. If proven guilty, and incarcerated, this guy will never sleep easy again.
Because the rest of us pay for the room and board for many years. Money that could be better spent on mental health care and childrens’ education- which always fall short on funding.
Seriously, out of all the stuff our tax money is wasted on, “room and board” ( as if it’s enjoyable) is what concerns you? You should probably worry more about all the weapons you just gave to the Taliban.
It’s actually possible to be concerned about more than one thing at a time. But yes- the Taliban suck and we spent A LOT over there. But they sure know how to execute people- gotta give them that!
What if you, say, found a dead body. The police couldn’t figure out who did it, and decided to pin it on the long hair vagabond looking dude who found the body. It happens all the time- cops need to close cases. They get the wrong people all the time! Would you be ok with the state murdering an innocent person?
“It happens all the time”
You must not be familiar with our jail system, in many cases being in jail is a better situation than these people come from in the first place. Three meals a day, hot showers,color TVs, Games, books, phone calls, free medical care and easy access to drugs…
Hey this is serious thing so easy on the yolks.
Fuck Egghead and if this in fact happened, I hope he burns in peril.
Hey… i’m no fan of child molesters, but what happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?
Dokweiler certainly makes it sound like it’s a closed case, and everyone lines up behind that.
But as a general contrarian in favor of always hearing both sides of a story, i have to ask: What if this child had some reason for revenge on this man, and made the whole thing up? It’s definitely happened before (often the motivation is unrequited admiration– so for the accused adult, it’s a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t situation. More damned if you do, of course, but still). What are the consequences for making such a claim when it’s NOT true? The consequences for the accused are huge: their life, their reputation ruined, even if they are completely absolved– the damage is done.
Again… i don’t know anyone involved and am not on any side but the side of justice.
Just thinking about 25 people ahead of me here with pitchforks at the ready, without any trial or judicial process for the accused at all.
When a young child says that they were sexually abused after being cared for by an adult is not most often “unrequited admiration” You should be ashamed of yourself for putting that out there and look into your own self validating thoughts.
Perhaps you know something we don’t know– i didn’t see “young child.” I only saw “under 14,” which is well above the average age of puberty for a modern female. Crushes on teachers, neighbors, bosses, rock stars, etc., occur very frequently for sexually mature 12- and 13-year-olds; in our culture of obsessive fixation on sex, they would occur even without hormonal prompts.
I am certainly not saying that it’s right for a young person of 11, 12, etc., up to their legal majority to act on impulses they have no common sense about, and it’s definitely wrong for any adult to take advantage of such a situation.
I should be “ashamed of myself” for bringing up a very valid point– that an arrest is not a conviction, that people’s lives are often ruined by unfounded accusations, and that the comments section of a news blog is not a courtroom– and for mentioning a fact of life that anyone with any clue whatsoever about young adolescence is well aware of?
If we’re going to do the shame game, you should be ashamed of yourself doubly, once for jumping to a judgment when you are not the judge; and twice for trying to silence a person who brings up a worthy point that goes against the crowd rule.
Jeez, really? My dumbass nephew lied and said his adopted father molested him and it was just a sick lie from a disturbed child. These things do happen.
Thanks Laura. Let’s hope for real justice in this case, for the truth become known, and that appropriate, beneficial consequences be delivered.
As both accuser and the accused will suffer from this situation, no matter what, let’s ‘wish’, as one earlier commentator did above, them both to be healed and to not harm other people.
Much appreciated, Ben! Ditto.
All people are allowed to voice opinions here, Laura. This isn’t a courtroom or trial.
No kidding, ElDub. That’s why i voiced mine, thank you… and did not discourage anyone from voicing theirs (other than just now, giving back a little BS to people dissing me for speaking up).
Laura- Good to speak up. Of course he needs a fair trial. That’s only right, THEN let’s kill him!!!
What about the child who came forward and the pain and humiliation and embarrassment that they will live with for the rest of their lives? Do you know how many highly trained experts and agencies have to be involved and believe a child that is barely old enough to explain the situation to rise to this level?
[edit] This child is trustworthy and there was absolutely nothing to gain by carrying around the baggage that scum bag has dumped on them for the rest of their life.
In fact, the sophistication this sicko exhibited, is an indicator that there are probably others. Hopefully they can sleep easier now.
That “scumbag has ALLEGEDLY dumped on them for the rest of their life.” Thank you.
Again, you must have insider information that we readers don’t. I am, thankfully, very far from the situation and know none of the players… i just read the article.
Hopefully this small child, you say, doesn’t have to get dragged through this over and over again, but can just know he/she did the right thing to come forward, if indeed a crime did occur– and that’s it. I suppose that’s not likely, though– i mean the end of spotlighting the child.
False accusations are extremely extremely rare, especially from children.
And there is no “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” for adults facing a child who has a crush – you simply don’t. Put distance between yourselves, don’t be alone with the child, change your phone number if you have to – not that a child should *have* an unrelated adult’s number in the first place.
They may be “extremely rare,” but i stand by “innocent until proven guilty.” What’s your standard of “extremely”? Like one in a hundred? Like your chances of dying from Covid if you do catch it? Many people seem to consider that one percent a pretty big deal.
I’d say if there’s a one percent chance that an innocent person’s life could be changed forever by an “extremely rare” accusation, we go through the legally mandated due process before publicly assuming his guilt. That’s why we have a legal system– to prevent herd mentality from crucifying people based on hearsay.
Please read more carefully and think before commenting. What do you mean there’s not “damned if you do,” etc.? You would most certainly be damned if you do, and rightfully so; but you could be damned if you don’t when a child turns it around and accuses you of molestation. Of course it would still be the right choice, but damn!
I don’t choose to live in a world where people of all ages can’t have friendships. A child should not “have” an unrelated adult’s number? Not if it’s an old family friend of both parents… or a Big Brother/Big Sister buddy/volunteer… or the next door neighbor who has you walk their dog… or the baseball coach… ??? you know, you make no sense. There are better ways of dealing with the problem of inappropriate relationships than ruling out friendships other than between people of either a strictly non-sexual nature (family, school) or a potentially sexual relationship.
Inappropriate relationships are just that; friendships are never inappropriate.
From one study, it was determined that less than 1% of “unsubstantiated” reported cases were intentional false accusations made by a child – 0.00999634%, in fact. Keep in mind that the majority of cases are never reported at all.
False accusations of child molestation made by adults (such as a custody battle or a parent hoping to sue a celebrity) are believed to be between 2% and 10% of reported cases, but that data is from the 1990s and before, so is likely skewed by the bizarre accusations from the satanic panic era – thankfully interviewing techniques have changed *drastically* since then and the average city cop no longer drives around town with the child asking them to point out which buildings they had been molested in.
You used the phrase “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”, which is generally used by people to describe a situation where both actions are more or less equal but have negative consequences regardless. There’s really no equivalent between molesting a child who has a crush on you and NOT molesting a child who has a crush on you – if you don’t molest them, there will be no evidence of you molesting them, so you’re unlikely to suffer the same consequences as if you had. If you’re worried about it or they threaten you, put physical and emotional distance between you for however long it takes. You made it sound like “giving in” to a child’s threat to accuse you of molestation if you don’t pursue a “relationship” with them is a reasonable response. Children do not ask to be sexually abused, they cannot consent, even if they think they want it.
“Innocent until proven guilty” goes both ways and there’s no reason to accuse a child of lying to law enforcement about such a serious issue for which they have nothing to gain by reporting. Maybe the child has him confused with someone else, maybe they misinterpreted something, etc but there is no reason to believe the child is malicious.
That you refer to 12 and 13 year olds (by which I assume you mean girls) as “sexually mature” is scientifically incorrect – just because a girl may get her period at that age does not mean she is sexually mature, her reproductive system is still changing, growing, trying to regulate itself, and her body is NOT ready for sex yet.
Very very WELL said….
The age and GENDER have not been released….
Obviously the guy is a piece of sh*t if true. He’ll get whats coming to him. Trial and justice first, then punishment. Not the other way around.

Well said, short and to the point!
i know for a fact he is not innocent.
Then speak to the police about your facts
Suppression of the truth?
Aiding and abetting?
Why would you remain silent if you “know” facts?
Or have you just “heard” facts?
There are direct legal actions being pushed by a surprising large number of left-wing idealogues in the Democratic party who are trying to legislate the normalization of pedophilia. It’s Absolutely abhorrent but it’s quickly morphing into one entity with the LGBTQAPR ++ movement amongst wealthy left-wing legislators.

Don’t forget bestiality, too! Derrick Jensen posted something about a prominent LGBTQABC etc. person’s recent book making the point that we need to erase the “boundaries” and get over our human exclusivity and basically post-modernize everything we always thought was wrong. It’s mixed up, mumbled up, shook-up world.
I agree innocent until proven guilty, people are way to quick to judge. And we don’t get updated when people charged are found innocent, or charges dropped. Their reputations are just ruined. I think the news should have to do updates like that.
Sounds like Humboldt sex offenders like to own restaurants around here. I stopped going to a local, Ferndale favorite, one that is a large supporter and provider at the fair this year, when I learned the co-owner is a registered sex offender for continuous abuse of a minor and lewd and lascivious under 14.
Hopefully this guy gets what he deserves, based on the facts. As far as the folks arguing about the recall…. what the hell? The current governor has a track record and it’s not good for working folks. How could any intelligent thinking person say not to recall him because you might get something worse. Do some research and look at the possible replacements. You might be surprised. Saying we can’t risk change doesn’t seem very progressive….. in fact it seems pretty lazy.
Why are comments being removed about another, local, actually convicted child molestor that owns a local popular restaurant? Don’t we all have the right to know who we are supporting when we spend our money locally?
Unless law enforcement has arrested him, you can’t accuse the owner without proof. I suggest contacting law enforcement.
He was arrested and is on Megan’s law. I am not accusing him, I am stating he is a convicted sex offender with charges for lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 and continuous sexual assault of a minor and is the co-owner of a wildly popular local restaurant in Ferndale that is one of the largest contributors at the fair this year. That is factual and can be easily corroborated with a quick search on Megan’s law and a google of the registered owners of the restaurant in question. Not to mention that I have not named the place or the people so it makes no sense that those comments would be removed but not others about a differing restaurant…unless of course there’s some other reason that those comments wouldn’t be left to stand.
I agree with you. There’s no reason your comment should be removed when you didn’t identify the subject and surf side burger shack is mentioned so many times *eyeroll
Am I to assume, then, that you have a personal interest in not allowing the information about a registered sex offender owning a local business to come forward? There’s other comments above about other restaurants that were left in place, so that’s about the only conclusion one can come to.
Kym, am I to understand you have a personal, vested interest in this information about a registered sex offender owning a local business not coming to light, since there are other comments, naming other businesses that have stayed and mine is continually removed despite never even naming the business or person?
It’s possible that I’ve missed those comments. Please point them out to me so I can take them down.
And, I know that to you your comments stand out but I deal with thousands of comments a day and I have no idea who you are talking about.
And the more I think about it, the more it feels to me like you are trying to paint me as a pedophile apologist if I don’t do exactly what you say. And that pisses me off. I don’t like blackmail overt or implied.
I am not attempting blackmail at all, there are multiple comments up above naming restaurants such as surf side burger shack, sizzler, subway as well as the name of the restaurant of the accused and yet the only comments you’ve removed are mine, where I haven’t named a single name but solely led people to their own ability to research that one of the largest food contributors at our county fair is co owned by a CONVICTED (meaning not accused or alleged) sex offender.
YOU tell me how that would look to you, if you were a commenter and not an administrator of the page?
I haven’t edited comments (except here and there I started and did a few and then something would happen) since about 10. And as I am now in the need to hurry, I’m probably only going to look at the ones on moderation. BUT, the Surfside burger guy was arrested, so then folks can accuse him.
And I don’t have any memory of deleting any comment about a convicted sex offender. Are you sure that your comments have been deleted?
Okay. Here’s what I think happened. You posted awhile ago under a name you have never used before. My comment software held the comments for moderation because of that. I’m running around trying to cover some guy with a gunshot wound to the abdomen and huge fires pushing towards more communities and I’m not moderating the comments. Most of them have set there since 10 this morning except a few I’ve picked off here or there.
Anyway, you assume that I deleted your comments and in my opinion attempted to blackmail me into posting your comments by saying that I must be a pedophile supporter or I would have posted them. (Honestly, if I would delete the other comments because the guy is a friend, why would I let the comment talking smack about me get through…Does that even make sense to you?)
So then I get furious. So mad that I didn’t make the obvious connection that your comments weren’t deleted but merely being held for moderation.
If someone has been arrested, then you can bring them up–even by name if you wish.
I’ve approved all of your comments.
But honestly, don’t start talking smack about me if you want me to help you in the future. Imagine when you have a problem that you are dealing with someone who is melted butter when someone asks them nicely and, yet, can become hotheaded and stubborn in a flash if I perceive someone trying to push me around especially by attacking my reputation.
I don’t even typically post on these articles as it is and was most certainly not attempting any form of blackmail. Imagine commenting on an article, seeing your comment pop up, giving you the option to edit for several minutes before disappearing…repeatedly and even when responding. Would your assumption be that there’s some random glitch affecting your comments or that they’re actively removed by moderation, when it happens multiple times? And then you see that there are multiple comments of similar content, posted before and after yours, that have remained? Clearly, a misunderstanding on multiple parts here but to claim I am blackmailing you and not simply feeling frustrated is ALSO a little bit of a jump.
I’ve read this feed and IMO you owe kym an apology. Just saying.
If you say the site admin has a vested interest in protecting a known sex offender that sounds very much like you’re saying she’s in cahoots or covering for the guy. (and thus aiding in his alleged crimes.) Nice walkback when called out on it. You have the spinal fortitude of an invertebrate. You should apologize and go slither back under your bridge.
Kym quit with your dumb excuses.
Kym, the guy who used to own Surfside was arrested *just after* he sold the business to someone else, and I don’t think it’s fair to the current owners for commentors to say he’s the owner of it.
No one said that the current owners are the ones who were arrested. Look back in the comments. Farce’s comment came the closest but I’ve clarified it.
Why are comments about another (convicted) sex offender who owns a popular local restaurant being removed?
Can you post this incident. The individual was staying at various family shelters in Eureka & Arcata. He also had a kid in the school District.
I imagine a number of children may have been exposed to him.
Alleged molestor Dean Brown’s preliminary hearing was scheduld for this morning.
Deputy District Attorney Whitney Timm is the prosecutor for the case. Deputy Conflict Counsel R.J. Leohner is Brown’s attorney.
The alleged victim is 8 years old. The mother contacted Arcata Police Department.
At the last hearing, Deputy District Attorney Clover Schinke said at the time of the alleged incident, Brown was a “neighboring tenant” and when the alleged victim’s mother went to the bathroom, “Brown put his hands down the child’s pants”. The child told the mother and she reported it to APD.
The People are investigating similar allegations against Brown from 2018. Brown is transient.
This is common practice in the Middle East.
People think the USA is a horrible place.
Soon, we will all be goat farmers in a wasteland of ideocracy.
Very soon the Taliban will again be marrying off unhappy12 year old girls to 60 year old men. Hey- it’s just a cultural difference and we all need to relax and understand and be sensitive to these differences. Right?
Child marriage is already legal in 48 states, with some states having *no minimum age* at which a child can be married to an adult. It’s not a cultural difference when both cultures do it.
Curly for Governor!! Any knucklehead can hold office.
This guy is from Crescent City. This is not his first incident with children or pre pubescent boys. I can assure you there will be more victims coming forward .
Trump got away with it, so shall he.
So did Bill Clinton..
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