While the Apple TV 4K tends to get all of the attention, the standard Apple TV remains a solid option if you want a set-top box that plays nicely with the rest of your iPhone, iPad and other devices. It’ll normally set you back $150, but Amazon is having a sale right now that knocks $20 off the Apple TV HD, bringing it down to $130. That’s the best price we’ve seen since the streamer came out a few months ago, plus it includes the updated Siri remote — arguably our favorite thing about the Apple TV experience as of late.
Buy Apple TV HD at Amazon – $130
Despite recent updates, the Apple TV looks familiar. It’s still a little black box capable of streaming 1080p video from a variety of sources including Apple TV+, Netflix, Disney+ and others. It runs on Apple’s A8 processor, comes with 32GB of onboard storage and the back edge houses a power port, one USB-C port, one HDMI connector and an Ethernet port. These specs make it a good basic set-top box, but it has some Apple-ecosystem features that set it apart. It supports AirPlay and HomeKit-enabled viewing of camera feeds, plus you’ll be able to listen privately using AirPods.
The update earlier this year brought the latest Siri remote to the Apple TV HD. This is a big deal because the previous Siri remote just wasn’t that great to use, and Apple finally fixed some of its major problems. The new remote is larger and has a revamped directional pad that makes controlling the set-top box much easier. The pad is also touch-sensitive, making scrolling through carousels of content much smoother. There’s even a power button on the remote now that lets you turn on and off your TV.
While a slick new remote probably isn’t enough to warrant buying a whole new streaming device, the new Siri remote certainly sweetens this deal on the Apple TV HD. If you can live without 4K HDR streaming and want a cheaper way to get tvOS onto your tube, this sale on the standard Apple TV is one to consider.
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