MORGANTWON, W.Va (WDTV) – West Virginia Junior College unveiled their brand new mobile nursing lab in Morgantown on Wednesday. The lab will be making its way around the state as a way to improve health care in rural areas.
The lab is equipped to help online nursing students get hands on experience as part of their curriculum. A computer that’s part of the lab can tell the patient what symptoms to display. Then, students can decide what type of care to provide.
Officials say the lab is an important step to better health care in our state.
“One of the challenges about rural health care is that there’s not access to quality training,” said Chad Callen, President and CEO of West Virginia Junior College. “And so what we’ve done is solve the access issue.  What the mobile simulation lab does is it brings the high fidelity simulation aspect to their training so that they can have a more sophisticated type of training.”
Callen say students will begin using the mobile lab later this fall.
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