Microsoft Word may be the most well-known word processor, but Google’s cloud-based documentation is steadily surpassing Redmond’s venerable software among budget-conscious Internet users. Not only is it free, Google Docs offers seamless sharing options and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with a web connection.
Google’s success prompted Microsoft to offer Internet based version In addition to its Office suite, a simplified free version Microsoft Word for the web..And Google Docs No longer offered Free unlimited storage, 15GB is a lot of documentation. If you replaced Word with Google Docs, read some hidden tricks.
Don’t know where to start? Check the included template.Access them from Main document page Place the cursor on the plus icon at the bottom right and Select template The icon that is displayed.Or click From File> New> Template In an existing document.
Templates are categorized by purpose and include formatted samples such as project suggestions, newsletters, some legal documents, job postings, resumes, school reports and more. Others will be available by installing certain add-ons.
Offline editing
One problem with cloud-based services is access when you’re not connected to the internet, but Google Docs supports offline editing.Move to File> Make available offline, And when not connected, the latest version of the document is viewable and editable. All changes are automatically synced when the connection is restored.I’m going home File> Make available offline Disable at any time.
Version history
I like to keep track of document changes, especially for documents that are used by multiple people. If someone accidentally deletes something or just changes their mind, they need to be able to go back in time. This is where Google’s version history comes in.
In the document, click Last edit was X days / hour ago Link to open File> Version history> View version history, Or use a shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H View a list of logged changes by date and time. If multiple changes are made on the same day or in a short period of time, these versions will be grouped as subentries under one entry.
You can give the version a specific name for clarity. Click the switch in the upper right corner to view the version of the named document.
Example table of contents with page numbers for Google Docs
Table of contents with page numbers
For long documents that benefit from some organizations, go to the following URL: Insert> Table of Contents Choose between two formats (with page numbers or blue links).
The document searches for the text styled as a heading and organizes it at the top of the page. You can use the link to jump to that section. How do you style it as a headline? Highlight the text[スタイル]Click on the box[見出し1],[見出し2],[見出し3]And so on. (or Format> Paragraph Style.. )
If you want to create a heading after dropping the TOC box on the document, click the circular refresh icon next to the TOC for the changes to take effect. You can also view the table of contents in the side panel.
Search box that appears when you click the search button
Google Docs makes it easy to do research from a single window. If you need to find Google Drive files or information on the web, expedition A button in the lower right corner of the document (a button that looks like a box with a diamond inside).
This will open a new panel with a search bar where you can search the web or existing documents. The latter is labeled Cloud Search on Business Accounts at Work and Drive on Personal Accounts. In Workplace, hover over the entry and click the plus icon to add a link to the document or insert an image. To add a quote from a web search to a document, hover over the document and click the quote icon.
Insert footnotes into Google Docs from your personal Google account
Link permission
Click blue to share the document share Click the button in the upper right and enter the recipient’s email address.Click to send a direct link to the document Copy the link You get a shareable link, but only those added to the share list can open it.
Click to change permissions Share> Change to someone who has a linkThis allows anyone who knows the URL to view the document, without having to enter a specific email address. Then specify whether those people are viewers, commenters, or editors.To lock it later, change it as follows Limited..
Click when all decisions have been made Copy the link Get a shareable link from this page.
Add font
Google Docs supports over 30 fonts in the Font dropdown toolbar, but even more fonts are hidden behind the scenes. Click on the font menu and Other fonts At the top. This will open a menu of other fonts that you need to add to your document before you can use it.
click Display: All fonts Select the menu to select screen Preview the font.Click a font to add it to the list of active fonts below all right Save the new font to the active list.
Draw special characters so Google can suggest one
There are several ways to enter special characters in Google Docs.Open Insert> Special Characters For databases that are full of insertable objects such as symbols, pictograms, punctuation marks, characters, and accent marks that cannot be easily created with a standard keyboard. You know what you need, but don’t know what it’s called? Draw it and Google Docs will provide the results.
An easy way to do this is[置換]Is to use the menu. In this menu, you can enter one item and another item will appear in Google Docs.Move to Tools> Settings> Replace You can also add characters to the Replace column that will be replaced by the characters in the Replace column, as you would when writing (c) to create the © symbol.
Replacement menu where you type something and Google suggests another option
The only downside is that you can’t select special characters directly on the replace screen, but at least you can add and copy special characters to your document. For example, if you want to easily create Ĉ, you can write “c ^” to create a replacement that changes to the required character.
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Would you like to replace Microsoft Word with Google Docs?8 simple tips to help you get started
Source link Would you like to replace Microsoft Word with Google Docs?8 simple tips to help you get started


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